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Rain barrel orders

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Grow a better garden, save money and support your local Lions Club! Buy rain barrels at half the normal price at our spring fundraisers and disconnect from the storm sewer system before the city fines you!

There are no restrictions on the number of barrels you may purchase and there are no residency rules. Anyone may order rain barrels at this price.

Sales from our stock

Painted barrels!

We have a limited stock of painted barrels. These barrels were hand painted by students in an arts program at the East Scarborough Storefront and are available on this one-time basis. When they are gone, they are gone.

The barrels come with our normal 2-year warranty but the artwork is not covered. If the barrel is damaged under warranty, we probably won't be able to replace it with another painted barrel.


We currently have a limited stock of barrels and accessories. If you wish to purchase something from our stock, please submit the form below and we will contact you to fulfill your order:

Rain Barrel order form

Postal code:


Black barrel - $65
Terracotta barrel - $65
Painted barrel - $45


Diverters - $25
Flexible Downspout Extenders - $12

Spare Parts

Round top filters - $5
t-connectors - $5
spigots - $5
or contact us at: rainbarrel at lionsclub.ca , 416 616-9370


Looking for a rain barrel but Scarborough is too far? Visit rainbarrel.ca/sales for rain barrel sale locations in your community.

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